“yellow teeth” recruiting secrets from 2002

How would you live differently if you knew there was a guy making $200,000 a year selling soap and vitamins to homeless people and teenagers?

I bet if you know HOW he was doing it… and why it was so EASY for him… while it’s so hard for you… you’d listen very closely.

Sometimes we need our realities rocked a bit. Our cages rattled. Our view of the future turned upside down before we’ll believe anything we hear, or even see.

That’s what happened back in 2002 with Dave. In this private outtake from a presentation he hints at the secrets old network marketing leaders would use to sell soap and vitamins in people’s homes…

… and how those same ideas can be used today… but in a VERY obscure way.

You’ve gotta hear this for yourself.

Watch here: >>

See you inside,


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