Whenever you’re stuck… this process can help.

Is it possible the biggest struggles in your life have actually lead you to where you are right now?

Is it also possible there are people, places and things in your life you need to ‘purge’ in order to become a better version of yourself?


Most successful people know there are times to ‘clean house’ and double down on what’s working.

Call it the 80/20 rule, or just a ‘cleanse’…

… it’s no secret this works to bring clarity to where you focus.

Decisions to let go of things that need to be let go of.

Even people that you may have history with — sometimes ‘they gotta go’, right?

But how do you do this?

How can you decide to let go of clinging to the old way of doing things, and move forward?

If you listen closely to this story today, you’ll see and truly believe that letting go of the past, brings new light and new space for a powerful future.

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Whenever you’re stuck in life — this process can help.

See you inside,

– Thomas

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