“yellow teeth” recruiting secrets from 2002

How would you live differently if you knew there was a guy making $200,000 a year selling soap and vitamins to homeless people and teenagers?

I bet if you know HOW he was doing it… and why it was so EASY for him… while it’s so hard for you… you’d listen very closely.

Sometimes we need our realities rocked a bit. Our cages rattled. Our view of the future turned upside down before we’ll believe anything we hear, or even see.

That’s what happened back in 2002 with Dave. In this private outtake from a presentation he hints at the secrets old network marketing leaders would use to sell soap and vitamins in people’s homes…

… and how those same ideas can be used today… but in a VERY obscure way.

You’ve gotta hear this for yourself.

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How you do this will determine tomorrow’s success

“The way you close the shop is the way it opens.”

Such a simple concept – and it’s got as much to do with how you approach your PERSONAL situations every day, than your BUSINESS activities.

See, every night you have a choice to make about what you’re going to do to set yourself up for success the next day, but most people, especially home business owners, make one massive mistake at the end of the day which ruins ANY chance of success.

In today’s video you’ll know how to close your shop every night in a way that propels you into productivity in the morning.

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“Simple Man’s” formula for a 6-figure lifestyle

“I keep it simple. That’s what I do.”

This ^^ is the idea Jon O. has designed his entire business around.

Nothing complex, just simple and effective.

If you’ve been led to believe you need complicated tools, strategies, tactics, ‘hacks’ or tricks to make a real sustainable living online, let Jon & Natasha’s story shed some light on what’s possible for you.

From rock bottom to top of the leaderboards was a struggle for them, but they wound up with the life of their dreams and we caught them on tape sharing how it’s done.

Want to learn how to create the life of YOUR dreams?

Start By Watching This Recording

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Miracle Inside…

Have you ever stopped to think about how much of a miracle it is you’re alive today?

Think about it.


How many different things have to happen for you to just be reading this email?

Your lungs constantly breathe in and out to keep oxygen flowing into your body… your eyes open to receive the images and your brain turns those images into understandable language.

Really, it’s a miracle just reading this email.

And to think it’s random for you to be getting this message?

Hmmm.. I don’t think so.

You’re here for a purpose, but most of us have no clue what the purpose is, so we go through life aimlessly, lacking direction, and it shows in our results.

I’m no different, so when I found a way to discover my purpose – I was all over it.

Here’s what I found… it’s the first step to discovering your purpose.

No cost, just click here and watch.


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Let me take a load off your shoulders

Here’s the truth.
You are most likely a brilliant person.
– You know some stuff.
– You’ve experienced life.
– You’ve raised yourself, or a child.
And get this — you are 100% able to succeed.
But there’s a deeper truth you may be ignoring which keeps you stuck KNOWING a lot… but not DOING anything with it.
What you KNOW has nothing to do with getting PAID.
Because getting paid is NOT about:
– How long you went to school
– Who you know in high places
– Where you live in the world
– How hard you “think” you’re working on your dreams…
Getting paid is about something completely different.
Today, I want to share some deep truths about getting paid from someone who has proven to know what she’s talking about.
Click here and pay very close attention
https://www.empowernetwork.com/dailyshow/episode-81-run-full-speed-part-2?id=5685155You’re going to hear the ugly truth about getting paid online, and what you need to DO so that you can control your journey.
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– Thomas

Even pounds of chocolate couldn’t cure him…

It only took 30 pieces of dark chocolate and a stomach ache before Will realized nothing could take his stress away.

Let him explain what really happened here:

https://www.empowernetwork.com/dailyshow/episode-80-30-pieces-of-chocolate?id=5685155 Ever had a crazy stress filled day?

– Everything seems to go wrong?

– Work never ends?

– Family is getting on your nerves?

– Other drivers aren’t bending to your will?

If you’ve ever had a stress filled day like this…

… what have you done to ‘take the edge off’?

Chocolate? Booze? Something worse?

Will used Chocolate.

Problem is with using anything outside yourself is the more you eat, the more you drink, or the more you “sedate”…

… the MORE stressed out you become.

For Will?

Even pounds of chocolate couldn’t cure him.

Today I want to share a very effective and simple tool for reducing stress in any area of your life.

So if you’re feeling a bit stressed out and are open to a simple to use (and free) tool that works wonders?

Will goes into detail here:

https://www.empowernetwork.com/dailyshow/episode-80-30-pieces-of-chocolate?id=5685155 See you inside,

– Thomas

You? making a million dollars?

If you’ve ever looked at results that people have or don’t have…

The fast cars

The big team in their company

The new home

The successful family life.

… there’s usually some sort of work ethic behind everything that you DON’T see.


Just ask Tracey Walker.

In this free video, she shares a true turning point in her life that brought her to where she is today.

You just might learn how to tap into the work ethic you need so you can turn your own struggles into your greatest strength:


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Today I’m VERY excited… here’s why:

Today I’m VERY excited.



Because I’ve been seeing so many people transforming this year.

I’ve been seeing the look in people’s eyes as they come alive.

Believing in themselves. Lifting the veil of depression. Broke people prospering.

Even those who are in constant ‘struggle’ mode… beginning to prosper.

When you believe in something… you go out into the world and you just look and feel different.

Right now think about something you believe in.

Then watch this powerful speech & leave a comment with what YOU believe in right here:

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– Thomas

“Wow, mm, mm, ahh.”

Ever speak with someone who constantly “wow, mm, mm, ahh”’s the whole time?

Truth is, this is a very powerful influence strategy…

… one you may be overlooking at your own peril.

Although annoying to some, simply saying a few key things (at the EXACT right time) could create massive influence for you in your life.

Good news!

Today we’ve got a special (and FINAL) segment of William Wood’s “Listening” influence series.

What’s revealed today may just be the final key to mastering influence in your life.

https://www.empowernetwork.com/dailyshow/daily-shortcut-episode-75?id=5685155 Click Here To Find Out What It Takes >>

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Whenever you’re stuck… this process can help.

Is it possible the biggest struggles in your life have actually lead you to where you are right now?

Is it also possible there are people, places and things in your life you need to ‘purge’ in order to become a better version of yourself?


Most successful people know there are times to ‘clean house’ and double down on what’s working.

Call it the 80/20 rule, or just a ‘cleanse’…

… it’s no secret this works to bring clarity to where you focus.

Decisions to let go of things that need to be let go of.

Even people that you may have history with — sometimes ‘they gotta go’, right?

But how do you do this?

How can you decide to let go of clinging to the old way of doing things, and move forward?

If you listen closely to this story today, you’ll see and truly believe that letting go of the past, brings new light and new space for a powerful future.

Watch & leave a comment right here:


Whenever you’re stuck in life — this process can help.

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– Thomas